This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of MANSON. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Agnes Maria [I8123] 1859 1933 KERMOND, Jacob [I8124] MANSON, Edward FARO, Frances
Alfred [I8188] 1901 1901   MANSON, Edward HYDE, Margaret
Alva Eileen [I8225] 1901     MANSON, Charles MORGAN, Mary Ann
Andrew Clarence [I8177] 1902     MANSON, Thomas ARCHMAN, Catherine
Ann [I8028] 1857 1939 MCLAREN, Peter [I8029] MANSON, Edward FARO, Frances
Cecil Hyde [I8189] 1907 1907   MANSON, Edward HYDE, Margaret
Charles [I8219] 1873 1939 MORGAN, Mary Ann [I8220] MANSON, Edward FARO, Frances
Edward [I8027] 1834   FARO, Frances [I8026]  
Edward [I8178] 1865 1942 HYDE, Margaret [I8179], ADAMS, Emily Ann [I8190] MANSON, Edward FARO, Frances
Edward Charles [I8160] 1888     MANSON, Thomas ARCHMAN, Catherine
Ernest Stanley [I8187] 1898 1899   MANSON, Edward HYDE, Margaret
Ewen Archman [I8174] 1891     MANSON, Thomas ARCHMAN, Catherine
Frances Faro [I8161] 1883   BOURKE, Michael Joseph [I8162] MANSON, Thomas ARCHMAN, Catherine
Harold Albert [I8184] 1894 1963 STEPHENS, Margaret [I8185] MANSON, Edward HYDE, Margaret
Henry George [I8180] 1890   BOLDEN, Gladys Catherine [I8181] MANSON, Edward HYDE, Margaret
Isabella [I8216] 1872 1956 LYNCH, Hugh [I8217] MANSON, Edward FARO, Frances
James [I8215] 1870 1935   MANSON, Edward FARO, Frances
Janet Gertrude [I8175] 1896     MANSON, Thomas ARCHMAN, Catherine
John [I8191] 1867 1938 COSSENS, Adelaide [I8192] MANSON, Edward FARO, Frances
John Thomas [I8169] 1881     MANSON, Thomas ARCHMAN, Catherine
Leslie Roy [I8186] 1896     MANSON, Edward HYDE, Margaret
Mary Frances [I8194] 1868 1952 LOVELL, Christopher [I8195] MANSON, Edward FARO, Frances
Olivia Myrtle [I8221] 1899 1970 LAITY, Thomas James [I8222] MANSON, Charles MORGAN, Mary Ann
Robert Archman [I8170] 1886   STONEHOUSE, Annie [I8171], FINN, Mabel Catherine Bridget [I8173] MANSON, Thomas ARCHMAN, Catherine
Ruby Adelaide [I8193] 1897     MANSON, John COSSENS, Adelaide
Sarah Jane [I8226] 1876 1960 ADAMS, Alfred Andrew [I8227] MANSON, Edward FARO, Frances
Thomas [I8158] 1861   ARCHMAN, Catherine [I8159] MANSON, Edward FARO, Frances
Vera Ann Gladys [I8176] 1899     MANSON, Thomas ARCHMAN, Catherine
William Gordon [I8183] 1892 1893   MANSON, Edward HYDE, Margaret