This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Gammon. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
[I4400] 1825   Rudd, Jane [I4402]  
[I4443]     Challacombe, Susan [I4440]  
Agnes Jane [I15421] 1875 1940   GAMMON, William Stokes SMITH, Sarah Jane
Agnes Louisa [I15400] about 1839 1913 O'MEARA, William Joseph [I17307] GAMMON, Richard STOKES, Ann
Alice [I13496] 1674/5-02-06 (Julian)     Gammon, William Pickle, Mary
Alice Winifred [I1279] 1890   Gammon, Samuel Jones, Ellen
Ann [458193883] about 1832     Gammon, Benjamin Porter, Eliza
Arthur Henry [I1233] 1887   Gammon, Samuel Jones, Ellen
Benjamin [452002524] about 1800 1864-09-00 Porter, Eliza [452002523] GAMMON, William BLANCHARD, Anne
Benjamin [458193527] about 1830   Gammon, Benjamin Porter, Eliza
Benjamin [I13490] 1711-09-18   Gammon, Henry Blackborne, Elizabeth
Bennett [I13446] 1685-09-27     Gammon, William Pickle, Mary
Charles [I1216] 1880   Gammon, Samuel Jones, Ellen
Charles [I13621] 1852-05-05   Ellen [I13635] Gammon, Richard Cutcliffe, Agnes
Charles James [I4376] 1748   WORSHAM, Hannah [I18316] Gammon, Roger Martha
Edwin Alfred [I13608] 1861-12-15 1957-08-20 Jones, Edith Annetta [I13609] Gammon, Richard Cutcliffe, Agnes
Elizabeth [I12830] 1682-12-03   Thornton, John [I13358] Gammon, William Pickle, Mary
Elizabeth [I13453] 1701-04-20   Ashinton, Robert [I13454] Gammon, Henry Blackborne, Elizabeth
Elizabeth [I13466] 1766-07-06   Broad, George May [I13467] Gammon, William Anthony, Sarah
Elizabeth [I13483] 1794-04-18   Gammon, William Bubbers, Elizabeth
Elizabeth [I4429]     Harding, Samuel [I4428]  
Elizabeth [I4431] 1816 1884 Ley, Edward [I4432] GAMMON, Henry BOYLES, Susanna
Elizabeth Ann [I13620] 1847-04-26     Gammon, Richard Cutcliffe, Agnes
Francis [I12285] 1615   Hull, Bennett [I13452]  
Francis [I13624] 1899-12-08 1983-09-24 Raeper, Isabella [I13690] Gammon, Edwin Alfred Jones, Edith Annetta
Frederick [I15419] 1871 1876   GAMMON, William Stokes SMITH, Sarah Jane
George [452007615] about 1833   Earwaker Copy, Sarah [453022015] Gammon, Benjamin Porter, Eliza
Hannah [452008078] about 1837     Gammon, Benjamin Porter, Eliza
Harriett [I15420] 1873 1950   GAMMON, William Stokes SMITH, Sarah Jane
Harry [I11340]     Evans, Ann [I11359] Gammon, Thomas
Henry [452008233] about 1844   NK, Mary [454532368] Gammon, Benjamin Porter, Eliza
Henry [I13455] 1703-04-25   Gammon, Henry Blackborne, Elizabeth
Henry [I13470] 1775-12-24   Tapley, Ann [I13471] Gammon, William Anthony, Sarah
Henry [I13493] 1670/1-03-16 (Julian) 1757 Blackborne, Elizabeth [I13447], Dixon, Elizabeth [I13448], Eaglesfield, Hannah [I13449] Gammon, William Pickle, Mary
Henry [I15461] 1811   FORD, Elizabeth [I16655] GAMMON, John Blackmore, Elizabeth
Isaac [I13480] 1738-12-04 1741-09-22   Gammon, William Bubbers, Elizabeth
Isaac [I13481] 1743-12-14   Gammon, William Bubbers, Elizabeth
Isaac [I13484] 1750-12-25     Gammon, William Bubbers, Elizabeth
James [452007921] about 1841     Gammon, Benjamin Porter, Eliza
Jane [I13627] 1816     Gammon, Richard Jane
Jennifrid [I4375] 1742   Gammon, Roger Martha
Joanna [I13512]     Curtis, William [I13513]  
John [I13450] 1698-08-01   Gammon, Henry Blackborne, Elizabeth
John [I13460] 1764-05-27     Gammon, William Anthony, Sarah
John [I13622] 1856-01-20   Gammon, Richard Cutcliffe, Agnes
John [I2907]     GAMMON, Robert Dyer, Ann
John [I4354] 1781-01-06   Gammon, Thomas Gibbs, Agness
John [I4364] 1734-11-24   LAMPREY, Anne [I18096] Gammon, Thomas Harry, Mary
John [I4365] 1692-03-17   GAMMON, John SCOWE, Agnes
John [I4367]     Katherine [I4368]  
John [I4382] 1735   Gammon, Roger Sarah
John [I4386] 1706   Gammon, Thomas Gill, Joane
Joseph [I4408] between 1805 and 1809   Bromham, Rebecca [I4410]  
Katherine [I4366] 1700-12-29   GAMMON, John SCOWE, Agnes
Kezia [I13468] 1773-08-15 1810-05-29 Hayward, Thomas [I13469] Gammon, William Anthony, Sarah
Kezia Antony [I13477] 1798-03-21     Gammon, William Hoile, Ann
Keziah [I4374] 1739   Gammon, Roger Martha
Lily [I13625] 1901     Gammon, Edwin Alfred Jones, Edith Annetta
Maria [I13472] 1778-01-16     Gammon, William Anthony, Sarah
Mary [I10862] 1873-01-20   Gammon, Harry Evans, Ann
Mary [I12551] 1677/8-02-23 (Julian)   Hunt, John [I12553] Gammon, William Pickle, Mary
Mary [I13451] 1699-11-05     Gammon, Henry Blackborne, Elizabeth
Mary [I13462] 1758-12-03   Rob, Thomas [I13464] Gammon, William Anthony, Sarah
Mary [I13479] 1736-11-23 1739/40-01-15 (Julian)   Gammon, William Bubbers, Elizabeth
Mary [I4373] 1737   Gammon, Roger Martha
Maud M [I13634] 1890     Gammon, John
Maude [I1200] 1878   Gammon, Samuel Jones, Ellen
Minnie [I1230] 1885   Gammon, Samuel Jones, Ellen
Peter [I13482] 1743/4-02-10 (Julian)     Gammon, William Bubbers, Elizabeth
Peter [I13486] 1705/6-01-26 (Julian)   Boys, Elizabeth [I13487], Harris, Mary [I13489] Gammon, Henry Blackborne, Elizabeth
Philip [I0000] 1838   WATTS, Elizabeth [I16564] GAMMON, Amos MARIA
Rebecca [I1757] 1844-12-15 1882-06-18 Joce, John [I2383] Gammon, Thomas Incledon, Ann
Richard [I13478] 1798-02-11     Gammon, William Hoile, Ann
Richard [I13617] before 1815-05-14 1883-10-26 Cutcliffe, Agnes [I13618] Gammon, Richard Jane
Richard [I13619] 1845-06-06 1929-02-19 Nott, Mary [I13636] Gammon, Richard Cutcliffe, Agnes
Richard [I13626] before 1851-03-30   Jane [I13623]  
Richard [I2933]     GAMMON, Robert Dyer, Ann
Richard [I4434] 1587    
Robert [I2905]     GAMMON, Robert Dyer, Ann
Roger [I4369] 1738 1813-02-25 Deacon, Elizabeth [I4370], HASELDON, Mary [IG17003] Gammon, Roger Martha
Roger [I4371] 1702   Martha [I4378], Sarah [I4381] Gammon, Thomas Gill, Joane
Rose [I1226] 1882   Gammon, Samuel Jones, Ellen
Samuel [I1188]     Jones, Ellen [I1173]  
Samuel [I1694] 1892   Gammon, Samuel Jones, Ellen
Samuel [I4405]     Gammon Rudd, Jane
Sara [I13461] 1761-02-08 1761-05-05   Gammon, William Anthony, Sarah
Sarah [452008166] about 1847     Gammon, Benjamin Porter, Eliza
Sarah [I13465] 1762-04-28     Gammon, William Anthony, Sarah
Sarah [I13491] 1712-09-22     Gammon, Henry Blackborne, Elizabeth
Solomon [452008317] about 1849   Gammon, Benjamin Porter, Eliza
Thomas [450811367] about 1845   Quinton, Mary [450811366], Hirst, Elizabeth [450403675] Gammon, Benjamin Porter, Eliza
Thomas [I11360]      
Thomas [I13463] 1640/1-01-23 (Julian)   Gammon, Francis Hull, Bennett
Thomas [I13628] 1828     Gammon, Richard Jane
Thomas [I15402] about 1662   COWMAN, Elizabeth [I16645] GAMMON, Thomas [Gammon], [Unknown] [Thomas]
Thomas [I2384]   Incledon, Ann [I2606] GAMMON, Robert Dyer, Ann
Thomas [I4248] 1739-10-27 1838-02-07 Gibbs, Agness [I4353] Gammon, Thomas Harry, Mary
Thomas [I4355] 1790-10-31 1860-04-18 BEDFORD, Mary [I18088] Gammon, Thomas Gibbs, Agness
Thomas [I4357] 1697-03-14   Harry, Mary [I4359] GAMMON, John SCOWE, Agnes
Thomas [I4383] 1667   Gill, Joane [I4385] Gammon, William Harris, Susanna
Thomasin Sophia [I13473] 1771-03-20     Gammon, William Anthony, Sarah
W E [I13610] 1898     Gammon, Edwin Alfred Jones, Edith Annetta
Walter Ernest [450404370] 1875-09-18 12thApril Pett, Katherine Emma [450404369] Gammon, Thomas Quinton, Mary
Walter Wilfred [450404034] 1910-03-07 1976-04-16 Sharrott, Hilda Mary [450404033] Gammon, Walter Ernest Pett, Katherine Emma
Wilfred [I1229] 1884   Gammon, Samuel Jones, Ellen
William [452009191] about 1829   Gammon, Benjamin Porter, Eliza
William [I13456] 1705-04-15 1794 Bubbers, Elizabeth [I13457] Gammon, Henry Blackborne, Elizabeth
William [I13458] 1731/2-03-02 (Julian) 1802-08-10 Anthony, Sarah [I13459] Gammon, William Bubbers, Elizabeth
William [I13474] 1643-12-17   Pickle, Mary [I13485] Gammon, Francis Hull, Bennett
William [I13475] 1768-08-10   Hoile, Ann [I13476] Gammon, William Anthony, Sarah
William [I13494] 1671-08-06   Gammon, William Pickle, Mary
William [I13495] 1673-08-10     Gammon, William Pickle, Mary
William [I13630] 1854     Gammon, Richard Cutcliffe, Agnes
William [I15416] 1867 1940   GAMMON, William Stokes SMITH, Sarah Jane
William [I2908]     GAMMON, Robert Dyer, Ann
William [I4356] 1793-10-06 1794-04-09 Gammon, Thomas Gibbs, Agness
William [I4388]     Harris, Susanna [I4389]  
William [I4404]     Gammon Rudd, Jane