This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of WILLIS. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Ada Florence [I3310] 1894 1928   WILLIS, Thomas , Elizabeth
Alice [I3267] 1907 1998 CARNEY, William [I3268] WILLIS, Thomas BOARD, Ann
Alice Mary [I3212] 1879     WILLIS, John Adams WILLIS, Fanny
Ann [I3291] 1814   DRAPER, Benjamin [I3292] WILLIS, Henry PILE, Miriam
Ann [I3324] 1750 1812   WILLIS, William CHUGG, Elizabeth
Annie [I3226] 1880     WILLIS, Henry WILLIS, Mary E
Annie [I3236] 1899   PRISCOTT, Charles [I3237] WILLIS, Thomas BOARD, Ann
Betsy [I3303] 1849 1926   WILLIS, Thomas , Elizabeth
Betsy [I3315] 1820     WILLIS, John LOVERING, Jane
Betty [I3275] 1836     WILLIS, John LOCK, Mary
Dorothy May [I3235] 1898 1898   WILLIS, Thomas BOARD, Ann
Edith [I3228] 1884     WILLIS, Henry WILLIS, Mary E
Elizabeth [I3323] 1746     WILLIS, William CHUGG, Elizabeth
Ellen [I3227] 1882     WILLIS, Henry WILLIS, Mary E
Ellen [I3270] 1875     WILLIS, John Lock ADAMS, Ann
Ellen [I3285] 1855   BURGESS, Henry [I3286] WILLIS, John LOCK, Mary
Emily [I3266] 1905 1960   WILLIS, Thomas BOARD, Ann
Fanny [I3211] 1855 1884 WILLIS, John Adams [I3210]  
George [I3201] 1776     WILLIS, William HOBBY, Elizabeth
George [I3326] 1752 1832 BRUMHAM, Mary [I3327] WILLIS, William CHUGG, Elizabeth
Henry [I3204] 1780 1855 PILE, Miriam [I3205] WILLIS, William HOBBY, Elizabeth
Henry [I3224] 1859   WILLIS, Mary E [I3225] WILLIS, John Lock ADAMS, Ann
Henry [I3271] 1832 1895 DENDLE, Jane [I3272] WILLIS, John LOCK, Mary
Henry [I3288] 1809     WILLIS, Henry PILE, Miriam
Henry [I3302] 1847     WILLIS, Thomas , Elizabeth
Jane [I3202] 1778   WOOLCOCK, John [I3203] WILLIS, William HOBBY, Elizabeth
Jane [I3276] 1838     WILLIS, John LOCK, Mary
Jane [I3328] 1755     WILLIS, William CHUGG, Elizabeth
Joan [I3322] 1744 1806   WILLIS, William CHUGG, Elizabeth
John [I3206] 1806   LOCK, Mary [I3207] WILLIS, Henry PILE, Miriam
John [I3213] 1881 1946 WILLIS, Mary Elizabeth [I3214], HOBBS, Christiana [I3220] WILLIS, John Adams WILLIS, Fanny
John [I3283] 1873 1937   WILLIS, William WYBORN, Jane
John [I3312] 1783 LOVERING, Jane [I3313] WILLIS, William HOBBY, Elizabeth
John [I3316] 1821     WILLIS, John LOVERING, Jane
John Adams [I3210] 1856   WILLIS, Fanny [I3211] WILLIS, John Lock ADAMS, Ann
John Lock [I3208] 1829 1895 ADAMS, Ann [I3209] WILLIS, John LOCK, Mary
Lillian Mary [I3239] 1900-01-15 1979-01-12 DYMOND, Thomas [I3240] WILLIS, Thomas BOARD, Ann
Mary [I3269] 1867 1917   WILLIS, John Lock ADAMS, Ann
Mary [I3273] 1861   IRWIN, James [I3274] WILLIS, Henry DENDLE, Jane
Mary [I3319] 1785     WILLIS, William HOBBY, Elizabeth
Mary Ann [I3277] 1841   PARKIN, William [I3278] WILLIS, John LOCK, Mary
Mary Ann [I3314] 1819 1859   WILLIS, John LOVERING, Jane
Mary E [I3225] 1858   WILLIS, Henry [I3224]  
Mary Elizabeth [I3214] 1876 1944 WILLIS, John [I3213]  
Minnie [I3284] 1882 1977   WILLIS, William WYBORN, Jane
Nora Ellen [I3232] 1896 1985 RICHARDS, John [I3233] WILLIS, Thomas BOARD, Ann
Olive Mary [I3215] 1907     WILLIS, John WILLIS, Mary Elizabeth
Philip [I1332] 1823-06-26   CUTCLIFFE, Elizabeth [I1331]  
Prudence [I12770] about 1670 1741-01-00 GAMMON, John [I12769]  
Richard [I3290] 1810     WILLIS, Henry PILE, Miriam
Richard [I3304] 1851     WILLIS, Thomas , Elizabeth
Richard [I3325] 1752 1757   WILLIS, William CHUGG, Elizabeth
Richard [I3329] 1763     WILLIS, William CHUGG, Elizabeth
Roy [I3309] 1913 1939   WILLIS, Thomas LEWIS, Florence Maud
Susan [I3279] 1848     WILLIS, John LOCK, Mary
Susan [I3301] 1843     WILLIS, Thomas , Elizabeth
Susan [I3317] 1830   ALLIN, Joseph [I3318] WILLIS, John LOVERING, Jane
Thomas [I3230] 1862 1938 BOARD, Ann [I3231] WILLIS, John Lock ADAMS, Ann
Thomas [I3280] 1848     WILLIS, John LOCK, Mary
Thomas [I3299] 1819 1863 , Elizabeth [I3300] WILLIS, Henry PILE, Miriam
Thomas [I3305] 1853 1912 , Elizabeth [I3306] WILLIS, Thomas , Elizabeth
Thomas [I3307] 1887 1916 LEWIS, Florence Maud [I3308] WILLIS, Thomas , Elizabeth
Thomas John [I3234] 1897 1897   WILLIS, Thomas BOARD, Ann
William [I3199] 1748   HOBBY, Elizabeth [I3198] WILLIS, William CHUGG, Elizabeth
William [I3200] 1775     WILLIS, William HOBBY, Elizabeth
William [I3229] 1859     WILLIS, John Lock ADAMS, Ann
William [I3281] 1849 1929 WYBORN, Jane [I3282] WILLIS, John LOCK, Mary
William [I3289] 1809 1809   WILLIS, Henry PILE, Miriam
William [I3311] 1855 1916   WILLIS, Thomas , Elizabeth
William [I3320] 1740   CHUGG, Elizabeth [I3321]  
William Henry [I3264] 1903 1982 WOOD, Dorothy Louisa [I3265] WILLIS, Thomas BOARD, Ann
Wilmot [I0111] 1788 1875 CUTCLIFFE, Nicholas [I0066] WILLIS, William HOBBY, Elizabeth