HODGETTS, Elizabeth

Birth Name HODGETTS, Elizabeth
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1826/27    
Death 1884-12-05    
Burial 1884-12-08    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father HODGETTS, John1791-10-251871-08-13
Mother LUCAS, Olivia1795-04-181851-06-22
    Sister     HODGETTS, Hannah 1812-07-31 1891-10-18
    Brother     HODGETTS, Thomas 1813-02-21 1880-01-19
    Brother     HODGETTS, Nathaniel 1815-03-20 1847-06-25
    Brother     HODGETTS, James 1817-03-03 1903-02-17
    Sister     HODGETTS, Mary Ann Maria 1819-03-04 1899-07-23
    Brother     HODGETTS, John 1821-04-21 1898-05-02
    Brother     HODGETTS, Richard 1823-05-08 1893-07-22
    Sister     HODGETTS, Jane 1825-07-16
         HODGETTS, Elizabeth 1826/27 1884-12-05
    Sister     HODGETTS, Sarah 1829-04-16 1886-04-29
    Sister     HODGETTS, Henrietta 1831-12-30 1859-12-24
    Sister     HODGETTS, Hester 1835-01-29 1916-01-19
    Brother     HODGETTS, Charles 1837-12-29 1928-12-28


Family of SALTMARSH, John and HODGETTS, Elizabeth

Married Husband SALTMARSH, John ( * 1821-08-21 + 1891-05-06 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Status (Primary)     MARRIED  
Marriage 1844-05-14    
Name Birth Date Death Date
SALTMARSH, Emma1845-03-181934-08-10
SALTMARSH, Henry William1846-07-281849-11-07
SALTMARSH, William1848-06-101868-10-09
SALTMARSH, Eliza1850-12-131924-02-12
SALTMARSH, Hannah Eliza18521867
SALTMARSH, Elizabeth Olivia1854-01-251891-05-01
SALTMARSH, John1855-12-141917-11-22
SALTMARSH, Mary1858-02-061925-03-14
SALTMARSH, Jane1860-02-19
SALTMARSH, James Henry1861-07-29
SALTMARSH, Charles1863-08-281943-06-18
SALTMARSH, Thomas Richard1865-07-011941-11-12
SALTMARSH, Annie1867-04-041868-10-12
SALTMARSH, Edith Sarah1870-08-291898-09-11
SALTMARSH, Joseph1872-10-211945-01-12
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