LUCAS, Olivia

Birth Name LUCAS, Olivia
Gender female
Age at Death 56 years, 2 months, 4 days


Child 6. Olivia Lucas. Born 18th April, 1795. By Tricia Hacker.
Olivia Lucas was born on the 18th April, 1795 on Norfolk Island, the sixth child of Nathaniel and Olivia Lucas. She married John Hodgetts on the 8th April, 1811 at St. Philip’s C.E. Church, Sydney.
Olivia and John had thirteen children, three of whom were born in New South Wales prior to their departure for V.D.L. in 1816. They settled in the Launceston area and worked a substantial farm of 460 acres (though there is some thought that this may have been the combined acreage of the Lucas family), growing wheat and potatoes, and stocking cattle and swine.
It is believed they had one government servant. Olivia’s mother, Olivia Gascoigne/ Lucas, and most of her brothers and sisters also settled in the vicinity of Launceston.
Olivia died on the 22nd June, 1851, twenty years earlier than her husband John, who died on the 13th August, 1871. She was buried at Christ Church, Longford, V.D.L., on the 26th June, 1851.
Children of Olivia Lucas and John Hodgetts.
A. Hannah H. Jane
B. Thomas I. Elizabeth
C. Nathaniel J. Sarah
D. James K. Henrietta
E. Mary Ann Maria L. Hester
F. John M. Charles
G. Richard


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1795-04-18    
Death 1851-06-22    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father LUCAS, Nathaniel1764-08-191818-06-05
Mother GASCOYNE, Olivia17631830-06-12
    Sister     LUCAS, Ann 1789-03-02 1864-07-15
    Sister     LUCAS, Sarah 1790-08-17 1792-02-02
    Sister     LUCAS, Mary 1790-08-17 1792-02-02
    Brother     LUCAS, William 1792-01-07 1828-08-01
    Brother     LUCAS, Nathaniel 1793-08-01 1875-08-06
         LUCAS, Olivia 1795-04-18 1851-06-22
    Brother     LUCAS, John 1796-12-21 1875-06-05
    Brother     LUCAS, James 1798-01-23 1869-04-11
    Brother     LUCAS, George 1800-05-08 1868-07-23
    Brother     LUCAS, Charles 1801-12-18 1862-02-20
    Sister     LUCAS, Sarah 1803-12-07 1839-06-28
    Sister     LUCAS, Mary Ann 1805-12-23 1853-07-24
    Brother     LUCAS, Thomas 1807-11-17 1888-04-10


Family of HODGETTS, John and LUCAS, Olivia

Married Husband HODGETTS, John ( * 1791-10-25 + 1871-08-13 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Status (Primary)     MARRIED  
Marriage 1811-04-08    
Name Birth Date Death Date
HODGETTS, Elizabeth1826/271884-12-05
HODGETTS, Hannah1812-07-311891-10-18
HODGETTS, Thomas1813-02-211880-01-19
HODGETTS, Nathaniel1815-03-201847-06-25
HODGETTS, James1817-03-031903-02-17
HODGETTS, Mary Ann Maria1819-03-041899-07-23
HODGETTS, John1821-04-211898-05-02
HODGETTS, Richard1823-05-081893-07-22
HODGETTS, Jane1825-07-16
HODGETTS, Sarah1829-04-161886-04-29
HODGETTS, Henrietta1831-12-301859-12-24
HODGETTS, Hester1835-01-291916-01-19
HODGETTS, Charles1837-12-291928-12-28
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