Birth Name SALTMARSH, Emma
Gender female
Age at Death 89 years, 4 months, 23 days


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<div align="left">Don Graham has her also born on the same date in London<span style="font-size:12pt">, England</span></div>
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<div align="left">Home<span style="font-size:12pt">: 6 Mar 1871 - Cressy, Tasmania, Australia (Edith Mary Elizabeth birth).</span></div>
<div align="left"><span style="font-size:12pt">1903 - Derby Road, Moorina, Tasmania, Australia (Early Federal Elecoral
<div align="left"><br />
<div align="left">Occupation<span style="font-size:12pt">: 1903 - Domestic Duties (Early Federal Elecoral Roll).</span></div>
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<div align="left">*********</div>
<div align="left">Fro<span style="font-size:12pt">m Prue Gore:</span></div>
<div align="left">The Electoral Roll (1915) for the decission of Bass, subdivision of
RIngarooma lists Herbert John Torley, Joseph Torley, Jpseph William Torley,
Lyndon Leonard Torley, Margaret Mary Torley, Elsie Torley and Emma
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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1845-03-18    
Death 1934-08-10    
Burial 1934-08-12    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father SALTMARSH, John1821-08-211891-05-06
Mother HODGETTS, Elizabeth1826/271884-12-05
         SALTMARSH, Emma 1845-03-18 1934-08-10
    Brother     SALTMARSH, Henry William 1846-07-28 1849-11-07
    Brother     SALTMARSH, William 1848-06-10 1868-10-09
    Sister     SALTMARSH, Eliza 1850-12-13 1924-02-12
    Sister     SALTMARSH, Hannah Eliza 1852 1867
    Sister     SALTMARSH, Elizabeth Olivia 1854-01-25 1891-05-01
    Brother     SALTMARSH, John 1855-12-14 1917-11-22
    Sister     SALTMARSH, Mary 1858-02-06 1925-03-14
    Sister     SALTMARSH, Jane 1860-02-19
    Brother     SALTMARSH, James Henry 1861-07-29
    Brother     SALTMARSH, Charles 1863-08-28 1943-06-18
    Brother     SALTMARSH, Thomas Richard 1865-07-01 1941-11-12
    Sister     SALTMARSH, Annie 1867-04-04 1868-10-12
    Sister     SALTMARSH, Edith Sarah 1870-08-29 1898-09-11
    Brother     SALTMARSH, Joseph 1872-10-21 1945-01-12


Family of TORLEY, Joseph and SALTMARSH, Emma

Married Husband TORLEY, Joseph ( * 1849-07-14 + 1928-09-28 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Status (Primary)     MARRIED  
Marriage 1869-01-19   1a
Name Birth Date Death Date
TORLEY, Annie Maria1869-06-221959-08-11
TORLEY, Edith Mary Elizabeth1871-03-061924-01-31
TORLEY, Joseph William1873-01-091933-12-19
TORLEY, Herbert John1874-12-031968-07-20
TORLEY, Sydney Douglas Patrick1878-03-151958-05-18
TORLEY, Bertha Blanch1881-05-051974-12-12
TORLEY, Lyndon Lennard1886-01-041957-08-01
TORLEY, Vere Florence Josephine1889-05-231983-06-27
Type Value Notes Sources
_UID B022973E782293489563D9AB62D38ABD145E

Family of UNKNOWN and SALTMARSH, Emma

Unknown Partner UNKNOWN ( * + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Status (Primary)     NOT_MARRIED  
Name Birth Date Death Date
SALTMARSH, Clara Elizabeth1866-07-111950-06-17
Type Value Notes Sources
_UID 9F309BAD501F444795BFE15CD11593F30ECE


Type Value Notes Sources
_UID 130DF7CD2D0D3F4FB55057E9708F7A07719D

Source References

  1. Printout of Torley in Tasmania, Austraila
      • Page: 445/1869
      • Confidence: High
      • General: