This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of LOCK. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Charles Joseph [I9900] 1888 1968 BROWN, Gertrude Olive [I9899]  
David [I13373] about 1743-08-00 1815-01-28 GAMMON, Joan [I13372]  
David [I13374] about 1779-08-00 1786-05-06 FROST, Joan [I13375] LOCK, David GAMMON, Joan
Edwin [I1007]     CUTCLIFFE, Susanna [I1080]  
Elizabeth [I13018] 1854 1922-12-13 CROCOMBE, Thomas [I13017]  
Elizabeth [I13378] about 1804-01-00   LOCK, David FROST, Joan
Ellen Lovering [I17287] 1841 1911-06-00 GAMMON, William [I17286]  
George Robert F [I18033] 1922-12-08 1973 LOCK, Robert Fraser GAMMON, Gertrude Agnes
James [I18968]      
Mary [I12775] 1731-09-00 1823-05-03 HARDING, John [I12774]  
Mary [I3207] 1805 1879 WILLIS, John [I3206]  
Philpott [I13422] 1631-07-00 1707-11-00 BLACKMORE, Richard [I13423], DOVELL, Unknown [I13424]  
Robert Fraser [I18031] 1891 1927 GAMMON, Gertrude Agnes [I18030] LOCK, James
Susan [I13379] 1814 after 1851 GUBB, John [I13380] LOCK, David FROST, Joan
Walter [I13376] 1801   SUSAN [I13377] LOCK, David FROST, Joan
Walter [I13383] 1782 1782-12-02 LOCK, David GAMMON, Joan
Walter [I13384] 1789 1792-02-24 LOCK, David GAMMON, Joan
William [I13150] 1857-11-22 1918-03-22 CROCOMBE, Bessie [I13149]  
William [I13151] 1892 1918 LOCK, William CROCOMBE, Bessie