TORLEY, Joseph

Birth Name TORLEY, Joseph
Gender male
Age at Death 79 years, 2 months, 14 days


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<div align="left">Home: 14 Jul 1849 - 5 Eaton Street, Liverpool, Lancaster, England (birth).</div>
<div align="left">6 Mar 1871 - Cressy, Tasmania, Australia (Edith Mary Elizabeth birth).</div>
<div align="left">1903 - Derby Road, Moorina, Tasmania, Australia (Early Federal Electoral
<div align="left"><br />
Occupation: 9 Feb 1869 - Labourer in Longford (Annie Maria baptism).</div>
<div align="left">6 Mar 1871 - Labourer (Edith Mary Elizabeth birth).</div>
<div align="left">17 May 1871 - Labourer in Longford (Edith Mary christening).</div>
<div align="left">26 Feb 1873 - Labourer in Longford (Joseph William christening).</div>
<div align="left">13 Jan 1875 - Labourer in Longford (Herbert John christening).</div>
<div align="left">17 Apr 1878 - Labourer at Clarendon, Evandale (Sydney Douglas Patrick
<div align="left">9 Nov 1881 - Labourer in Perth (Bertha Blanche baptism).</div>
<div align="left"><span style="font-size:12pt">9 Jan 1900 - Farmer (Joseph William marriage).</span></div>
<div align="left">1903 - Farmer (Early Federal Electoral Roll).</div>
<div align="left"><br />
From Barbara Torley:</div>
<div align="left">Joseph arrived from Liverpool Eng. with his parents, 2 sisters &amp; brother on
Fairlie in 1852. His father was &quot;Chelsea Pensioner&quot; from 73rd Regiment &amp;
apparently transferred to 99th regiment to bring his family out to Hobart for a
new start. Patrick was a Pensioner guard on a convict ship, they had to sign
up for 6 months.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
When he married Emma Saltmarsh his occupation was given as farmer.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
He worked as a labourer at Clarendon in 1878 &amp; a couple of his children were
born there. (Clarendon was then owned by James COX &amp; he raised stock
(sheep) &amp; had a very good name for the flocks raised at Clarendon.
Clarendon was a large estate of 5060 acres with large Neo-classical home
built of sandstone from Ross. There were 10 large bedrooms upstairs alone &amp;
in 1960's Clarendon was taken over by the National Trust.)&#160; There were small
cottages on the property for its many workers.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
<div align="left">From Prue Gore:</div>
<div align="left">In 1886 a Joseph Torley is shown as the tenant of 315 acres at Ringarooma
in the 1886 Assessment Roll for that district.</div>
<div align="left">**************</div>
<div align="left"><br />
In 1886 Joseph lived at Moorina, he was still there in 1888, on wages,
employed by W.L. NOBES.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
In 1890-1 directory Joseph is listed as a farmer at Moorina.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
In 1900 he is listed on the electoral roll as a land owner at MOORINA and it
was occupied by Patrick Dunn.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
Derby was the largest open cut tin mine in Southern Hemisphere with </div>
<div align="left">population over 3,000 in early 1900's.&#160; This is the time that Joseph Torley
owned &amp; worked a tin mine in Derby.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
Derby is 21 miles from Scottsdale in the North East of Tasmania. The </div>
<div align="left">township is built on the banks of the Ringarooma River and surrounded by
lofty hills. The main road to &amp; from Scottsdale crosses the river about the
centre of town &amp; it is the only way in and out of town. Derby is a busy mining
town &amp; miners can be seen at work in all directions. The mines never closed
&amp; work continued day &amp; night every day.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
Briseis mine was one of the biggest Tin Mines in the world&#160; producing an
average of 120 tonnes each month.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
Large quantities of water are necessary for the mine's operations.&#160; The
Ringarooma River was used for a large race, designed to conduct 900.000
gallons per hour for a distance of 20 miles.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
In 1901 at the time of Federation there was a population of 587 people at
<div align="left"><br />
In 1903 electoral roll he is listed as a farmer at Derby Road, Moorina.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
<div align="left">From Prue Gore:</div>
<div align="left">The Electoral Roll (1915) for the decission of Bass, subdivision of
RIngarooma lists Herbert John Torley, Joseph Torley, Jpseph William Torley,
Lyndon Leonard Torley, Margaret Mary Torley, Elsie Torley and Emma
<div align="left">*********</div>
<div align="left"><br />
On 9 FEB 1923 Alfred Max Werner sold a property at 111 Warwick Street
Hobart to J.W. Torley.&#160; This property had a showroom on it.&#160; Also on 23 DEC
1923 this same J.W Torley witnessed Wilfred Baxter's indentures to Alfred
Max Werner. (Wilfred Baxter has only just arrived in Hobart from England.)
This Torley's estate then sold the property on to Brian Lovett D'Embden on 20
SEP 1925.&#160; It is believed that Torleys lived on cnr. Cromwell &amp; Colville Streets
Battery Point.&#160; (This information from Keith Vallance of Macquarie Street
Hobart in JUL 2003, but unable to find Torley's here in Electoral Rolls.)</div>
<div align="left"><br />
There were big celebrations in DERBY on the weekend of 27-28 FEB 1926 to
celebrate the jubilee of the discovery of tin in the Ringarooma area.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
Many old pioneers returned to the area for the occasion, amongst them was
Joseph.&#160; His photo was printed in &quot;The Weekly Courier of 1 DEC 1926 and
was described as &quot;another well known pioneer of 40 years standing&quot;.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
The weekend started with the gathering of old pioneers &quot;At Home&quot; in the
Town Hall.&#160; Stories of days when there were no roads or railways in the
North-East, when supplies were carried on their own backs or packed on
horses over boggy roads.&#160;&#160;&#160; A pageant was held at 10 o'clock on Saturday
with mounted troopers followed by Scottsdale Light Horse, then the Derby
Band.&#160; A cart load of miners &amp; their wives going to the races in 1890 was then
depicted, followed by an old prospector's mining hut on a dray.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
The crowd followed the procession to the sports ground where a programme
of events was held.&#160; Sideshows did a great business.&#160; All in all a great day
was had by all.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
In 1929 Briseis Dam, which supplied water to work the mines, burst, causing
the death of 14 people.&#160; This caused a downturn in the town when people had
to look elsewhere for work.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
Joseph died at &quot;Home for Invalids&quot; Mulgrave Street, LAUNCESTON (now
Cosgrove Park) and was buried at Carr Villa Cemetery.&#160; Plot purchased by
Emma Torley. He only has a clay grave and no headstone.</div>
<div align="left"><br />
Death notice in Examiner reads 'TORLEY-On the 28th September, 1928 at </div>
<div align="left">Launceston Joseph, the dearly beloved husband of Emma Torley, of Derby.
In his 80th year&quot;</div>
<div align="left"><br />
Funeral notice reads TORLEY-The funeral of the alte Mr Joseph Torley is
appointed to leave 63 York Street, this afternoon (Monday) 1st October for
interment in the Carr Villa Cemetery.&#160; Friends are invited to attend. CO. TO.
Finney, Funeral Director</div>
<div align="left"><br />
From Christopher Riley:</div>
<div align="left">At the time of the birth of his son Sydney (1878), Joseph was a labourer on
the property 'Clarendon' at Nile</div>


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1849-07-14   1a
Death 1928-09-28    
Burial 1928-10-01    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father TORLEY, Patrick18031884-05-13
Mother PHILLIPS, Mary Ann18151860-08-14
    Brother     TORLEY, Catherine 1840 1896-09-21
    Sister     TORLEY, Mary Anne 1846 1914-11-21
         TORLEY, Joseph 1849-07-14 1928-09-28
    Brother     TORLEY, John Henry 1851


Family of TORLEY, Joseph and SALTMARSH, Emma

Married Wife SALTMARSH, Emma ( * 1845-03-18 + 1934-08-10 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Status (Primary)     MARRIED  
Marriage 1869-01-19   2a
Name Birth Date Death Date
TORLEY, Annie Maria1869-06-221959-08-11
TORLEY, Edith Mary Elizabeth1871-03-061924-01-31
TORLEY, Joseph William1873-01-091933-12-19
TORLEY, Herbert John1874-12-031968-07-20
TORLEY, Sydney Douglas Patrick1878-03-151958-05-18
TORLEY, Bertha Blanch1881-05-051974-12-12
TORLEY, Lyndon Lennard1886-01-041957-08-01
TORLEY, Vere Florence Josephine1889-05-231983-06-27
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