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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
AMY [I100167870919]     GAMMON, Robert [I100167870918]  
Agnes [I1267] 1810 1846-09-05 CUTCLIFFE, Richard [I1266]  
Agnes [I3091]     BETHEL, Lyndon John [I0074]  
Alice [I0603]     STODDEN (CLODDEN), Adam [I0592]  
Alice [I1668] 1320   CUTCLIFFE, (DE CUTCLIFFE), Adam [I0968]  
Ann [I0237]     CUTCLIFFE, Edward [I0148]  
Ann [I1314]     CUTCLIFFE, Thomas [I2398]  
Ann [I1583] 1858   CUTCLIFFE, William [I1582]  
Ann [I1593] 1846   CUTCLIFFE, William [I1591]  
Ann [I2654]     CUTCLIFFE, John [I2655]  
Anne [I1419]     CUTCLIFFE, Charles [I1422]  
Annie [I0477] 1874 1956-11-23 CUTCLIFFE, William [I0478]  
Beryl [I1873]     CUTCLIFFE, Frank [I1872]  
Christihannah [I1762]   1902 CUTCLIFFE, George [I1207]  
Christihannah [I2904]     CUTCLIFFE, George [I1207]  
Daisy [I0472] 1884 1964-11-20 CUTCLIFFE, William John [I0473]  
Damson [I1586] 1847   CUTCLIFFE, Joseph [I1585]  
Dorothy [I2717]     CUTCLIFFE, Francis [I2721]  
ESTHER ELLEN [I100167870922]     GAMMONS, George [I100167870921]  
Edna [I0535]     CUTCLIFFE, George (Cutcliff) (Cutcliff) [I0530]  
Elizabeth [I0346]     CUTCLIFFE, John [I0345]  
Elizabeth [I0963]     CUTCLIFFE, Nichols [I0964]  
Elizabeth [I1852]     CUTCLIFFE, Frances W. [I0793]  
Elizabeth [I2737]     CUTCLIFFE, Richard (Cutliff) (Cutliff) [I2735]  
Elizabeth [I3300] 1821   WILLIS, Thomas [I3299]  
Elizabeth [I3306] 1853 1925 WILLIS, Thomas [I3305]  
Ellen [I0224]     CUTCLIFFE, John [I0907]  
Ellen [I1244] 1845   CUTCLIFFE, John [I1243]  
Emilia Theodosia Kathernie [I0377]   1912-12-06 CUTCLIFFE, Charles Bernard Mervyn Drake [I0381]  
Fannie [I0917] 1891-09-26 1987-11-00 CUTCLIFFE, Arthur [I0983]  
Geness [I1576]     CUTCLIFFE, Edward Allen [I1575]  
Gill [I1883]     CUTCLIFFE, Minnie E. [I1882]  
Hannah [I0466]     CUTCLIFFE, William (Cutliff) (Cutliff) [I1727]  
Imodene May [I1563]     CUTCLIFFE, William Henry (Bill) (Cutcliff) (Cutcliff) [I2171]  
Jane [I0131] 1763 1837-03-24 TREVAN, Richard [I0130]  
Jane [I0353]     CUTCLIFFE, Richard [I0352]  
Jane [I0512]   1906-01-31 CUTCLIFFE, Joseph [I2739]  
Jane [I1749]     CUTCLIFFE, George [I1750]  
Jean [I2701]     CUTCLIFFE, Gordon [I2443]  
Joan [I1315]     CUTCLIFFE, Nicholas [I1194]  
Joan [I2402]     CUTCLIFFE, George [I2404]  
Joan? [I0223]     CUTCLIFFE, Nicholas [I0222]  
Judith G (Cutliff) [I0494]   1982-08-29 CUTCLIFFE, Stanley B (Cutliff) (Cutliff) [I0497]  
Julian [I1728]     CUTCLIFFE, John [I1729]  
Living [I0821]      
Living [I2886]      
Lizzie [I2906]     CUTCLIFFE, Edward [I1759]  
Lizzie or Elizabeth [I1770]     CUTCLIFFE, Edward [I1759]  
Lorena [I0283]     CUTCLIFFE, Louis H (Uncle Bud) (Uncle Bud) [I2895]  
Maggie Olive [I2757] 1867 1907 CARTER, Alonza Pitner [I2349]  
Margaret [I1567]     CUTCLIFFE, Daniel Joseph Jr. [I1566]  
Margot [I0480]     CUTCLIFFE, Derek [I0459]  
Marie [I1876]     CUTCLIFFE, Jack [I1875]  
Martha [I1214] 1861   GAMMON, John [I0063]  
Mary [I0350]     CUTCLIFFE, Richard [I0348]  
Mary [I0357]     CUTCLIFFE, John [I0354]  
Mary [I0452]     CUTCLIFFE, John [I2283]  
Mary [I0456] 1842 1924-01-16 CUTCLIFFE, Joseph [I0464]  
Mary [I1260]     CUTCLIFFE, John [I1261]  
Mary [I2406]     CUTCLIFFE, William [I2589]  
Mary [I2428]   1876 CUTCLIFFE, George [I0338]  
Mary [I2546]     CUTCLIFFE, Philip [I2550]  
Mary [I2584]     CUTCLIFFE, John [I2583]  
Mary Ann [I0634] 1835 1922-04-27 CUTCLIFFE, Francis [I1725]  
Mary E. [I1827]     CUTCLIFFE, Charles Henry [I0761]  
Mary Irwin [I0388]   1931-02-27 CUTCLIFFE, William S [I0387]  
Mary T. [I2290]     CUTCLIFFE, Paul Clifford [I2258]  
Mrs. [I0460] 1897 1902-10-28 CUTCLIFFE, Henry (Harry) (Cutliff) (Cutliff) [I0602]  
Muriel (Cutliff) [I0498]     CUTCLIFFE, Phillip (Cutliff) (Cutliff) [I0619]  
Myra [I0379]      
Philippa [I1779]     CUTCLIFFE, William [I1781]  
Prudence [I0247] 1779    
Rebecca [I1800]     CUTCLIFFE, Joshua [I1804]  
Ruby [I0287]     CUTCLIFFE, Louis H (Uncle Bud) (Uncle Bud) [I2895]  
Ruth [I16949] 1928-11-11 1999-04-23  
Ruth [I1934] 1817   CUTCLIFFE, Richard [I2544]  
Ruth [I2685] 1923-11-20 1998-08-01 CUTCLIFFE, Daniel [I2674]  
Sarah [I2491] 1829 1897-05-27 CUTCLIFFE, Nicholas [I0147]  
Selina [I0787]     CUTCLIFFE, George [I0781]  
Serrie [I0930]     STAPLETON, James [I2362]  
Stella [I0605]     CUTCLIFFE, George (Cutliff) (Cutliff) [I0604]  
Thelma Jean [I3144]      
Unknown [I0955] 1377   CUTCLIFFE, Robert (Cutteclyf) [I0959]  
Unknown [I0960] 1351   CUTCLIFFE, (DE CUTCLIFFE) (DE CUTTECLYVE), Thomas [I0961]  
Unknown [I1175] 1604   CUTCLIFFE, Edward [I2114]  
Wilmot [I0978]     CUTCLIFFE, John [I1753]