This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of WATTS. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Agnes [I16629] 1718-02-00   HUXTABLE [I16630] WATTS, Tristram CLERKE, Mary
Alice [I16499] 1708-04-00   TUCKER, Thomas [I16500] WATTS, Tristram CLERKE, Mary
Alice (Mary?) [I2393] 1745-08-00 1817 GAMMON, William [I1674] WATTS, Thomas KNILL, Prudence
Ann [I16575] 1830-06-00   WATTS, Phillip TUCKER, Jane
Ann [I16606] 1794-12-00   WATTS, John REED, Martha
Ann [I16631] 1719-07-00   SYMONDS [I16632], UNKNOWN [I16633] WATTS, Tristram CLERKE, Mary
Anna Maria [I16529] 1860   WATTS, John JONES, Eliza
Beatrice [I16557] 1879-03-00   WATTS, Thomas BERRY, Eliza
Bessie Jane [I16558] 1880-05-00   WATTS, Thomas BERRY, Eliza
Betsey [I16523] about 1830   WATTS, Joseph DANIEL, Elizabeth (Betsey)
Charles [I16531] 1866   APPLEBEY, Delilah [I16532] WATTS, John JONES, Eliza
Charlotte [I16515] 1860-06-00   LEY, William [I16516] WATTS, Joseph LAKE, Charlotte
Edward [I16576] 1832-04-00   WATTS, Phillip TUCKER, Jane
Edwin [I16583] 1836-11-00   SLOCOMBE, Harriet [I16584] WATTS, Phillip TUCKER, Jane
Egbert (Herbert) [I16550] 1873-03-00   WATTS, Thomas BERRY, Eliza
Egbert Norman S [I16552] 1896-03-00   WATTS, Egbert (Herbert)
Eliza [I16521] about 1827   WATTS, Joseph DANIEL, Elizabeth (Betsey)
Elizabeth [I16506] 1764-03-00   WATTS, Thomas IRWIN, Florence
Elizabeth [I16564] 1843-05-11 1897 Gammon, Philip [I0000] WATTS, Joseph DANIEL, Elizabeth (Betsey)
Elizabeth [I16574] 1829-06-00 1829-09-17 WATTS, Phillip TUCKER, Jane
Elizabeth Ellen Daisy [I18196]     WELLS, Ernest William [I18197] WATTS, Walter GAMMON, Elizabeth
Ellen [I16530] 1864   WATTS, John JONES, Eliza
Emily [I16559] 1882-06-00   WATTS, Thomas BERRY, Eliza
Emily [I18198] 1886   SADLER, Charles Edward [I18199] WATTS, Walter GAMMON, Elizabeth
Esther [I2554] 1834 1866-10-05 CUTCLIFFE, Joseph Webb [I2553]  
Eva [I16549] 1871-03-00 1873-12-00 WATTS, Thomas BERRY, Eliza
Eva Jane [I16533] 1869   WATTS, John JONES, Eliza
Florence [I16555] 1875-06-00   WATTS, Thomas BERRY, Eliza
Gertrude [I16560] 1884-06-00   WATTS, Thomas BERRY, Eliza
Henry [I12543] 1752-02-16   REED, Prudence (Elizabeth?) [I12544] WATTS, Thomas KNILL, Prudence
Henry [I16607] 1779 1780-01-08 WATTS, Henry REED, Prudence (Elizabeth?)
Jane [I0065] 1784 1873-04-14 GAMMON, Richard [I0064] WATTS, Henry REED, Prudence (Elizabeth?)
Joan [I16609] 1755-06-00   ROBBINS, William [I16610] WATTS, Thomas KNILL, Prudence
John [I16507] 1766-06-00   WATTS, Thomas IRWIN, Florence
John [I16524] about 1832   JONES, Eliza [I16526] WATTS, Joseph DANIEL, Elizabeth (Betsey)
John [I16597] 1748-01-00   REED, Martha [I16598] WATTS, Thomas KNILL, Prudence
John [I16603] 1784-11-00 before 1790 WATTS, John REED, Martha
John [I16604] 1790-02-00   WATTS, John REED, Martha
John [I16608] 1788-07-00   WATTS, Henry REED, Prudence (Elizabeth?)
John [I16623] 1789-12-05   WATTS, Joseph REED, Mary
Joseph [I16508] 1769-10-00   PERRIN, Elizabeth [I16509] WATTS, Thomas IRWIN, Florence
Joseph [I16511] 1800-02-00   DANIEL, Elizabeth (Betsey) [I16512] WATTS, Joseph PERRIN, Elizabeth
Joseph [I16513] 1826   LAKE, Charlotte [I16514] WATTS, Joseph DANIEL, Elizabeth (Betsey)
Joseph [I16614] 1757-04-00 1834-02-14 REED, Mary [I16615] WATTS, Thomas KNILL, Prudence
Joseph [I16624] 1786-06-00   FACEY, Dorothy [I16625] WATTS, Joseph REED, Mary
Lily [I16562] 1889-03-00   FRAYNE, Arthur P [I16563] WATTS, Thomas BERRY, Eliza
Lucy [I16528] 1859   WATTS, John JONES, Eliza
Mary [I16498] 1705 before 1714 WATTS, Tristram CLERKE, Mary
Mary [I16527] 1857   WATTS, John JONES, Eliza
Mary [I16565] 1774-09-00   WATTS, Thomas IRWIN, Florence
Mary [I16627] 1789-12-00   WATTS, Joseph REED, Mary
Mary [I16628] 1714-01-00   WATTS, Tristram CLERKE, Mary
Mary [I2694]     CUTCLIFFE, John [I0383]  
Mary Ann [I16510] 1804-12-00   WATTS, Joseph PERRIN, Elizabeth
Mary Ann [I16573] 1828-03-00 1828-06-07 WATTS, Phillip TUCKER, Jane
Mary Ann [I16600] about 1780   WATTS, John REED, Martha
Matthew [I16599] 1778-09-00   WATTS, John REED, Martha
Maud Staple [I16556] 1877-06-00   WATTS, Thomas BERRY, Eliza
May [I16561] 1886-06-00   WATTS, Thomas BERRY, Eliza
Nora Minnie [I16535] 1875   WATTS, John JONES, Eliza
Pauline (Polly) [I16539] 1866-12-00 about 1944 REED, Frederick William Gent [I16540] WATTS, Thomas BERRY, Eliza
Philip [I16534] 1870   WATTS, John JONES, Eliza
Phillip [I16569] 1786-10-00   TUCKER, Jane [I16570] WATTS, Tristram BAILEY, Anne
Phillip [I16577] 1834-12-00   ANNIE [I16578] WATTS, Phillip TUCKER, Jane
Phillip [I16587] 1875   WATTS, Edwin SLOCOMBE, Harriet
Phillip [I16596] 1742-10-00   WATTS, Thomas KNILL, Prudence
Phillip [I16626] 1812-08-00   WATTS, Joseph FACEY, Dorothy
Prudence [I16505] 1763-03-00   WATTS, Thomas IRWIN, Florence
Prudence [I16601] 1780-10-00   WATTS, John REED, Martha
Prudence [I16616] 1784-01-00   CLARKE, Hugh [I16617] WATTS, Joseph REED, Mary
Sarah [I16522] about 1828   WATTS, Joseph DANIEL, Elizabeth (Betsey)
Susanna [I16602] 1782-11-00   WATTS, John REED, Martha
Suzanna [I16497] 1702-05-00   WATTS, Tristram CLERKE, Mary
Thomas [I12545] 1711-09-01 1792 KNILL, Prudence [I12546] WATTS, Tristram CLERKE, Mary
Thomas [I12549] 1738-02-00 1823 IRWIN, Florence [I16504], WITHERIDGE-REED, Martha [I16566] WATTS, Thomas KNILL, Prudence
Thomas [I16537] 1841 after 1901 BERRY, Eliza [I16538] WATTS, Joseph DANIEL, Elizabeth (Betsey)
Thomas [I16605] 1792-03-00   WATTS, John REED, Martha
Thomas Egbert [I16546] 1890-03-00  
Tristram [I12548] 1676 1763 CLERKE, Mary [I12547]  
Tristram [I16567] 1740-01-00   BAILEY, Anne [I16568] WATTS, Thomas KNILL, Prudence
Walter [I1351]   1900-04-07 CUTCLIFFE, Isabel Prestwood [I1350]  
Walter [I18195]     GAMMON, Elizabeth [I18194]  
William [I16536] about 1835   WATTS, Joseph DANIEL, Elizabeth (Betsey)
William [I16622] about 1786   WATTS, Joseph REED, Mary