GOODIN, Hazel Myra Emily

Birth Name GOODIN, Hazel Myra Emily 1a
Gramps ID I8341
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E9058] 1887  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father GOODIN, William Edward [I8310]
Mother WOODHAMS, Lucy Ann [I8311]
    Sister     GOODIN, Martha Lucy [I8312]
    Brother     GOODIN, William Edward [I8313]
    Brother     GOODIN, Arthur Herbert [I8319]
    Sister     GOODIN, Minnie Edith [I8328]
    Sister     GOODIN, Charlotte Ann [I8331]
    Sister     GOODIN, Ethel Georgina [I8334]
    Sister     GOODIN, Jessie May [I8336]
    Brother     GOODIN, Horace David Woodhams [I8339]
         GOODIN, Hazel Myra Emily [I8341]


    Family of RAYMOND, Norman and GOODIN, Hazel Myra Emily [F2692]
Married Husband RAYMOND, Norman [I8342]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E24133] 1918  
Family (Primary) [E24134]      
Type Value Notes Sources
_UID 03AD6B20E61B454CA132A145403BDF0BEB1B


Type Value Notes Sources
_UID EDB894890384014597B9C5E6232C99E153F2


  1. GOODIN, William Edward [I8310]
    1. WOODHAMS, Lucy Ann [I8311]
      1. GOODIN, Martha Lucy [I8312]
      2. GOODIN, William Edward [I8313]
      3. GOODIN, Arthur Herbert [I8319]
      4. GOODIN, Minnie Edith [I8328]
      5. GOODIN, Charlotte Ann [I8331]
      6. GOODIN, Ethel Georgina [I8334]
      7. GOODIN, Jessie May [I8336]
      8. GOODIN, Horace David Woodhams [I8339]
      9. GOODIN, Hazel Myra Emily
        1. RAYMOND, Norman [I8342]


Source References

  1. Frank Lee: GEDCOM File : WilliamLUCAS.ged [S0296]
      • Confidence: Low
      • Confidence: Low