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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Alma     SALTMARSH, Keith Richard  
Audrey     HODGETTS, Raymond Keith  
Barbara     GYNN, Gary  
Catherine     WILSON, John Phillip  
Celeste     GREAVES, Richard John  
Christine     HAYES, Stephen  
Clara Lorna     HAYGARTH, Clarence Alexander “Tuppy”  
Constance     HODGETTS, Lindsay Gordon  
Cynthia     NICHOLLS, Ronald  
Debbie     SPENCER, Robert John  
Dolly     STEVENS, Stanley Percy  
Donna     CORNWILL, Roy Clifford  
Donna     CORNWILL, Douglas  
Eda Louisa about 1878 1953-07-21 HODGETTS, Felton Denton, HODGETTS, Felton Denton  
Edward (Ted)     BEST, Gloria  
Eleanor (Nell) 1905-08-12 1988-09-29 ROWLANDS, Eustice Alwynne Ulric  
Elizabeth     HAY, Ronald  
Ellen     MANN, Charles  
Elsie May   1980-05-00 MANN, John Hector  
Ethel   after 1948 ERB, Hugh Edmund  
Eva     WALTERS, Lindsay Andrew  
Gail     IRVINE, John Clifford  
Gwen     BERTALLI, Ronald  
Iris Mary     HODGETTS, George Albert  
Janice     BIRD, Ronald Charles  
Janice May     HODGETTS, Maxwell  
Jean     DANIEL, Edmund Allen  
Jennifer     HODGETTS, Paul  
Jenny     HAY, Tony  
Jill     MCKENZIE, Neil  
Julie     HODGETTS, Stephen  
Karen     HODGETTS, Noel  
Kay     PREECE, David Vernon  
Lillian     HAY, Gary  
Linda     MURRAY-WILLIAMS, Gary John  
Lisa     CORNWILL, Nevada  
Lisel     HOVEY, Thomas David  
Lorelle     PURTILL, Phillip  
Margaret     CORNWILL, Keith  
Marguerita Joyce     DANIEL, James Arthur  
Marion     BEST, Raymond (Ray)  
Mary     CORNWILL, Keith P  
Mary   before 2001 COX, Jeffrey Robert  
Mary   before 2001 COX, Jeffrey Robert  
Mary Ann     NEWMAN, Gregory John  
Mignon     BULLOCH, Stirling Kenneth  
Myrtle     CORNWILL, Peter Lewis  
Myrtle   SMITH, Oliver Edgar  
Natalie     SELLERS, Paul  
Natalie     SELLERS, Paul  
Nicole     SPENCER, Andrew James  
Nola     HODGETTS, Terry  
Olive Evelyn     WILSON, Ernest Daniel Henry  
Pamela     CHAMBERS, John  
Robyn     YOUNG, William  
Roma     BEST, Kevin  
Rosalie     HODGETTS, John Edward  
Rosalie Maude     MILLS, James Edwin  
Rosemary     CALDER, Rodney William  
Rosie     GREAVES, Peter Harold  
Roslyn     SEARLE, Colin  
Ruby Muriel     SUMMERS, Clarence James  
Sandra     HAY, Peter  
Shirley     CORNWILL, Nathaniel Lewis  
Shirley     PREECE, Kevin  
Shirley     ADAMS, Denis  
Sue     MCKENZIE, Bruce  
Susan     HOVEY, Stephen  
Tammie     POCOCK, Barry Michael  
Tan     LOCKETT, Peter Roderick  
Thomas     HODGETTS, Marcia  
Tracey     MURRAY-WILLIAMS, Roger  
Winsome     HODGETTS, Jack  
kathleen     HOVEY, Percival John