HODGETTS, Kevin John

Birth Name HODGETTS, Kevin John
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father HODGETTS, Wilfred Winton1891-10-171965-02-13
Mother FISHER, Ellen Elizabeth Myrtle May18941942-07-06
    Sister     HODGETTS, Lavender Jean 1914 1915
    Brother     HODGETTS, Frederick Hector
    Brother     HODGETTS, Roy William (Nuggett) 1915 1987-09-19
    Brother     HODGETTS, Royce Wilfred (Boxer)
    Sister     HODGETTS, Edna Ivy
    Brother     HODGETTS, Reginald Richard
    Sister     HODGETTS, Kathleen Myra 1923-03-19
    Brother     HODGETTS, Harold Ivan
    Brother     HODGETTS, Raymond Arthur
    Brother     HODGETTS, Trevor Bernard
    Sister     HODGETTS, Heather Joan 1928 1970
    Sister     HODGETTS, Audrey Joy
    Sister     HODGETTS, Selma May 1931-07-06 1942-09-30
    Sister     HODGETTS, Elaine Iris 1932 1932
    Brother     HODGETTS, Lance Raymond
         HODGETTS, Kevin John


Family of HODGETTS, Kevin John and ALLEN, Judith Fay

Married Wife ALLEN, Judith Fay ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
HODGETTS, Michael John
HODGETTS, Helen Elizabeth1965-07-201965-07-20
HODGETTS, Debra Faye1965-07-201965-07-25
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