This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of CROCOMBE. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Parents
Richard [I13001] 1786 about 1881-02-00  
Mary [I13002] 1813   CROCOMBE, Richard SQUIRE, Joan
Agnes [I13003] 1815   CROCOMBE, Richard SQUIRE, Joan
John [I13004] 1818 1881-08-15 CROCOMBE, Richard SQUIRE, Joan
Mary [I13006] 1846-03-14 1910-11-13 CROCOMBE, John LERWILL, Grace
John [I13007] 1847-12-06   CROCOMBE, John LERWILL, Grace
Thomas [I13017] 1850-02-26 1934-02-04 CROCOMBE, John LERWILL, Grace
Thomas L [I13024] 1882 1958-03-21 CROCOMBE, Thomas LOCK, Elizabeth
Walter G [I13025] 1883 1915-08-08 CROCOMBE, Thomas LOCK, Elizabeth
Austin Henry [I13026] about 1884-11-00 1965-08-14 CROCOMBE, Thomas LOCK, Elizabeth
Archie [I13029] about 1886-02-00 1956-02-24 CROCOMBE, Thomas LOCK, Elizabeth
Ada Mary [I13030] 1887-06-14 1973-02-11 CROCOMBE, Thomas LOCK, Elizabeth
Grace [I13053] 1850-02-26 1919-01-16 CROCOMBE, John LERWILL, Grace
Bessie [I13149] 1855-07-27   CROCOMBE, John LERWILL, Grace
Richard [I13152] 1820-03-20 1889-01-01 CROCOMBE, Richard SQUIRE, Joan
Helena [I13154] 1857   CROCOMBE, Richard WHITEFIELD, Sarah
George Whitefield [I13155] 1858   CROCOMBE, Richard WHITEFIELD, Sarah
Frederick Richard [I13158] 1868   CROCOMBE, Richard WHITEFIELD, Sarah
Clara Blanche [I13165] 1869   CROCOMBE, Richard WHITEFIELD, Sarah
Emily Kate [I13166] 1872   CROCOMBE, Richard WHITEFIELD, Sarah
Rebecca [I13167] 1823   CROCOMBE, Richard SQUIRE, Joan
Ann [I13168] 1827   CROCOMBE, Richard SQUIRE, Joan
Grace [I13169] 1828   CROCOMBE, Richard SQUIRE, Joan