This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of BARTLETT. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Avisia [I17073] about 1720   GAMMON, Francis [I17071]  
Daphne Lila [I5702] 1892 1970-11-24 STEBBINGS, Arthur Thomas [I5701]  
George Aloysius [I5621] 1908 1986-05-17 WISE, Amelia May [I5620], WISE, Amelia May [I5620]  
Joane [I18007] 1640 1674 GAMMON, Francis [I18006]  
Mary [I18474]     LUCAS, Robert [I18473]  
Molly Joan [I10608] 1918-04-11 1984-04-01 CLIFFORD, Ernest [I16635] BARTLETT, Samuel Thomas HOLGATE, Myrtle Avis
Phyllis Lillian [I10596] 1913-09-23 1974-02-14 DAY, Arthur [I10597] BARTLETT, Samuel Thomas HOLGATE, Myrtle Avis
Raymond George (Bart) [I5622]   2001-02-26   BARTLETT, George Aloysius WISE, Amelia May
Robina Ada Gladys [I10529] 1898-04-30 1970 HOVEY, Samuel James [I10528]  
Samuel Thomas [I10595] 1889-10-09 1921-03-01 HOLGATE, Myrtle Avis [I10594]  
William Joseph [I10335] 1908 1988-06-16 HOVEY, May [I10334]