This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of ELLIS. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Parents
Mary Ann [I0041] 1835-11-15 1923-08-11 ELLIS, William HARRIS, Mary
William [I0055] 1814-08-28 1870-09-10 ELLIS, William ELLIS, Mary
William [I0139]      
Mary [I0140]      
James Harris [I0141] 1834-10-19   ELLIS, William HARRIS, Mary
Elizabeth Jane Harris [I0142] 1836-12-18   ELLIS, William HARRIS, Mary
Julia Ann [I0210] 1873   ELLIS, James Harris GILBERT, Caroline Louisa
Susanna Cornish [I0219] 1816-08-25   ELLIS, William ELLIS, Mary
Robert Alfred Smallridge [I0813] 1894 1968-06-06  
Julia Maria [I1355]   1918-09-03  
Edna Agnes [I2242] 1877-09-28 1964-01-00  
Hilda Gertrude [I5696] 1885-02-09 1917-12-01  
Alfred John [I5721] about 1878 1966-09-10  
James W [I8724]      
Un-named [I8725] 1888 1888 ELLIS, James W LUCAS, Evelyn Mary Ann
Belinda Mary [I8959] 1898 1975  
Alice Frances [I11382] 1862