Family of Edwin Alfred GAMMON and Edith Annetta JONES

The Gammon Family 1914

Before they were married

Photo of Edwin Alfred Gammon

Edwin Alfred GAMMON [8] was born on 15 December, 1861 (1) in Ilfracombe, Devonshire, England. His parents were Richard GAMMON [33] and Agnes CUTCLIFFE [34]. At the time, they were living at Lower Trayne Farm, near Ilfracombe, Devonshire.

On the England & Wales census taken on 2 April 1871, Edwin can be found as a 9 year old boy living with his parents at Lower Trayne Farm (2).

Photo of Edith Annetta Jones

Edith Annetta JONES [10] was born on 31 October, 1871 (3) at 13 High Street, Ilfracombe, Devonshire, England. Her parents were John Coats JONES [25] and Maria LETHABY [26].

On the England & Wales census taken on 3 April 1881, Edith can be found as a 9 year old girl living with her parents at 13 High Street, Ilfracombe (4). On the same census, Edwin is living at 14 High Street, Ilfracombe (5) in the George Russell household and is employed as a grocer’s assistant. It is likely that Edwin and Edith lived next door to each other at this time, and this is how they met.

Edwin has so far not been found on the 1891 England & Wales census. It is possible that he was overseas, or on military service. This 1891 census was taken on 5 April (6), and Edith is found at at 12 High Street, Ilfracombe. She is employed by her father as a boot shop assistant and is 19 years old.

Married life

Edwin and Edith were married on the 4 February 1897 (7) at the Oaklands Chapel, Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, Fulham, London. When I visited this site in the early 2000s, the chapel was no longer there. At the time of their marriage, Edwin was working as a Grocer’s Manager, and they were living at 59 Wendell Road, Shepherds Bush, London, England.

Their first child Wilfred Edwin GAMMON [31] was born on the 22 December 1897 (8). At the time they were living at 45 Stroud Green Road, Islington, London and Edwin was still a grocer’s manager.

Sometime between 1898 and 1899, the family moved to Reading, as Edwin’s grocers business can be found in the Kelly’s 1899 Berkshire Directory at North Side, 32 Hosier Street, Reading (9).

Their second child Francis GAMMON [6] was born on the 8 December 1899 (10). Their address was given as Myrtle Grove, Argyle Street, Reading and this time Edwin’s occupation was given as Commercial Traveller.

On the 22 January 1901 (11), their third child and first daughter Lily GAMMON [32] was born. They were living at 15A Argyle Street, Reading and Edwin was still a Commercial Traveller.

A few months later, at the time of the 1901 census of England and Wales (on the 31 March 1901), Edwin, Edith, Wilfred, Francis and Lily were still living at 15 Argyle Street, Reading (12). Edwin’s occupation was unchanged.

Edwin and Edith’s fourth child Christopher Walter GAMMON [135] was born on 15 February 1903 (13). The family are stated as living at 23 Tilehurst Road, Reading at this time, and Edwin’s occupation is still “Commercial Traveller”.

Mary Annetta GAMMON [67] was born on 3 March 1908 (14) and was the youngest child of Edwin and Edith. By 1908, the family were living at 17 Coley Hill, Reading. Edwin’s occupation was unchanged.

So far, I have been unable to trace the movements of the family between 1908 and the 1950s. However, at some point the family moved to the Dorset or Hampshire area. It is known that Wilfred fought in the First World War in the Hampshire Regiment. Lily married Harry Moss who we know used to talk of his days in the army with either Wilfred or Francis. Francis emigrated to Australia between the two world wars. We know that Christopher Walter was mentally handicapped, and used to assist Francis with his work before Francis moved to Australia.

On 24 September 1936, Christopher Walter Gammon died at the Portsmouth City Mental Hospital, 245 Laburnham Grove, North End, Portsmouth, Dorset (15). He died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis which he had had for 18 months.

The latter years

In about 1953 Edwin, Edith and their youngest daughter Mary moved to 29A Queens Road, Parkstone, Dorset (16) where Mary nursed them through their old age.

On 18 June 1957 (17), Edith passed away at their home in Parkstone. Her will (which was written on 23 July 1953) was proved in London on 9 July 1957 (18). In her will she bequeaths £50 each to Wilfred, Francis and Lilly. The remainder of her estate was bequeathed to Mary.

Edwin did not survive her for very long, as he died on 20 August 1957 (19) at Lehnistonas Close, Wareham, Lady St Mary, Poole, Dorset. He died of Coronary Thrombosis and Ateriosclerosis (blood clot and hardening of the arteries). A check of subsequent years to find a will for Edwin was not successful. This may be because the family had already been provided for under the terms of Edith’s will, and the house may have already been in Mary’s name.


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Research to do:

  1. Get photos of Lower Trayne Farm
  2. Get maps of Lower Trayne Farm
  3. Find/get photos of 13 High Street Ilfracombe
  4. Get maps of 13 High Street Ilfracombe
  5. Go to Ilfracombe Museum and investigate details of High Street businesses
  6. Look for apprenticeship information for Edwin.
  7. Check Ancestors On Board passenger lists around 1891 for Edwin.
  8. Check for military service for Edwin around 1891.
  9. Check local directories through all years for Edwin & Edith.
  10. Research Oaklands Chapel (Congregationalists).
  11. Find photos of 59 Wendell Road
  12. Research 59 Wendell Road, get maps etc.
  13. Try to find Edwin’s grocers business in London Directories.
  14. Try to find & photograph 45 Stroud Green Road
  15. Research 45 Stroud Green road & get maps etc.
  16. Research Edwin’s grocers business in Reading & get photos of site
  17. Find photos of Myrtle Grove
  18. Research Myrtle Grove property
  19. Research Commercial Travellers
  20. Research 23 Tilehurst Road
  21. Photograph 23 Tilehurst Road
  22. Research Wilfred’s army career.
  23. Find out Francis’s exact date of emigration
  24. Research Christopher Walter’s time in the hospital
  25. Find & photograph monumental inscriptions for Christopher, Edwin & Edith
  26. Conduct wider search for Edwin’s will.
  27. Check whether Lehnistonas Close is a retirement home, or friends/relatives

Edwin Alfred GAMMON