Family of: John Herbert William FAULL and Gladys Annie Veronica BETHEL

Before they were married

John Herbert William FAULL [19] was born on 18 August, 1883 (1) in Hard Hills, Creswick, Victoria, Australia. His parents were William Menna FAULL [35] and Laura Edith GOAD [36]. William Menna FAULL was listed as a miner on John Herbert William FAULL’s birth certificate.

Gladys Annie Veronica BETHEL [20] was born on 21 June, 1890 (2) in Moorina, Tasmania, Australia. Her parents were Michael John BETHEL [68] and Edith Mary Elizabeth TORLEY [69]. Michael John BETHEL was also a miner.


Gladys Annie Veronica Faull (Nee Bethel). A message on the back says “To Dear Mother From Gladys with love”.

Married life

John and Gladys were married on the 28 June 1909 (3) at Derby, Ringarooma, Tasmania, Australia. Both were listed as residing in Moorina, Tasmania. John’s occupation at the wedding was given as “miner”. I have not yet discovered how these two met, but I can only assume that John migrated to Tasmania to use the mining skills he had learnt in Victoria and met Gladys while working there.

At some point, the couple migrated back to Victoria because their first child Herbert Ronald FAULL [24] was born on the 6 January 1911 (4) at Victoria Street, Creswick, Victoria, Australia. John was still working as a miner.

Sometime later, the family moved from country Victoria into the Victorian capital, Melbourne. Their second child Gladys Alice Edith FAULL [23] was born on the 18 January 1914 (5). John was now working as a Labourer.

On the 3 July 1916 (6), their third child Robert Wilfred FAULL [14] was born. They were perhaps visiting the family in Creswick, because although Robert was born at Raglan Street, Creswick, Victoria, their usual residence was listed on the birth certificate as Belgrave, Victoria, Australia. John was now a farm labourer.

The next location I have for John and Gladys is Sandells Road, Tecoma, Victoria, Australia on the 28 September 1939 (7). This is the family home where their son Robert was married to Doreen May Goodgame.

The latter years

On 16 March 1953 (8), John passed away at their home in Wealbata Road, Tecoma, Victoria, Australia. He died of lung cancer, and was buried at the Ferntree Gully Cemetery.

Gladys died 13 years later on 12 August 1969 (9) at Tecoma, Victoria, Australia. At that time, she was living at Cecil Avenue, Tecoma. She was buried with her husband at Ferntree Gully Cemetery.

Grave of John Herbert William FAULL & Gladys Annie Veronica BETHEL


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Research to do:

  1. Investigate John’s mining career
  2. Research, and obtain maps and photos of their residences
  3. Track down more residences
  4. Look for and obtain wills

John Herbert William FAULL