This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of KING. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Alan Francis [I12219] 1936 1999 KING, James Stanley WILSON, Constance Isabella
Allen Herbert [I7945] 1912 1975   KING, Herbert Walter COOK, Sarah May
Ann [I12489]     HILLER, Thomas Oriel [I12490]  
Arthur [I18970]     WHITTET, Maggie [I18971]  
Edwin [I19004]     JESSIE [I19005]  
Elsie Margaret [I18969] 1898-12-31 1990 GAMMON, Walter Aubrey [I18034] KING, Arthur WHITTET, Maggie
Eva Elvie [I5632] 1888-02-12   WADDINGTON, William Thomas [I5631]  
Herbert Walter [I7942]     COOK, Sarah May [I7941]  
Irene Lillian [I7943] 1910 1975 WESTON, ??? [I7944] KING, Herbert Walter COOK, Sarah May
Isobel Vera [I9648] 1896-04-09 1990-06-16 SHEPHEARD, Harold Edward thomas [I9647]  
James Stanley [I12218] 1910 1945 WILSON, Constance Isabella [I12217]  
Jean Marjorie [I7949] 1924 1978 PENTLAND, Keith Murray [I7950] KING, Herbert Walter COOK, Sarah May
Louisa Eliza [I19003] 1849 1916-06-17 GAMMON, Frederick [I18909] KING, Edwin JESSIE
Norman James [I11122] 1922 1975   KING, Walter Charles MCDONALD, Effie Janet
Sarah [I0944]     CUTCLIFFE, John [I0943]  
Walter Charles [I11121] 1888 1954 MCDONALD, Effie Janet [I11120]