This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of MARRIED. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Never [I10801]     LUCAS, Ellen [I10800]  
Never [I10846]     LUCAS, Edith Mary [I10845]  
Never [I10848]     LUCAS, Fanny Mary Georgina [I10847]  
Never [I10898]     LUCAS, Mary Ann Olive [I10897]  
Never [I10916]     LUCAS, Thomas [I10915]  
Never [I10930]     LUCAS, Alice Eliza [I10929]  
Never [I10954]     LUCAS, Anne Elizabeth [I10953]  
Never [I10956]     LUCAS, Laura Frances [I10955]  
Never [I10959]     LUCAS, Cecelia Maude [I10958]  
Never [I10961]     LUCAS, Lillias Eveline [I10960]  
Never [I10978]     LUCAS, Alice Olivia [I10977]  
Never [I10993]     LUCAS, Susannah [I10992]  
Never [I11034]     LUCAS, Maude Mary [I11033]  
Never [I11053]     COLLINS, Cerilla Elizabeth [I11052]  
Never [I11055]     LUCAS, Sarah [I11054]  
Never [I11219]     HORTLE, Sarah Jane [I11218]  
Never [I12078]     JONES, Hester Jane [I12077]  
Never [I12085]     LONG, Harriet Caroline [I12084]  
Never [I3369]     KEATING, Jessie Mabel [I3368]  
Never [I3912]     KEATING, Ellen Alice May [I3911]  
Never [I3914]     KEATING, William Dalrymple [I3913]  
Never [I3916]     KEATING, Tillie Maud [I3915]  
Never [I4206]      
Never [I4219]     SUPPLE, James [I4218]  
Never [I4349]     HODGETTS, George [I4348]  
Never [I4407]      
Never [I4420]     SUPPLE, James [I4419]  
Never [I4859]     HODGETTS, Rue [I4858]  
Never [I4861]     HODGETTS, Lenna Mary [I4860]  
Never [I4863]     HODGETTS, Ophelia (Ivy) [I4862]  
Never [I4865]     HODGETTS, Vera (Moosey) [I4864]  
Never [I6044]     NASH, Agnes Olivia Catherine [I6043]  
Never [I6550]     BURGESS, Melfort Brian [I6549]  
Never [I6552]     BURGESS, Vernon Valentine [I6551]  
Never [I6665]     STEPHENS, David Marks [I6664]  
Never [I6730]     CLARK, Jack [I6729]  
Never [I6733]     CLARK, May [I6732]  
Never [I6962]     HODGETTS, Eugene Earle Harold [I6961]  
Never [I6978]     HODGETTS, Enoch Alman [I6977]  
Never [I8819]     LUCAS, John [I8818]  
never [I4867]     HODGETTS, Mary [I4866]