HODGETTS, Robert Charles

Birth Name HODGETTS, Robert Charles 1a
Gramps ID I4833
Gender male
Age at Death 61 years, 3 months, 3 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E5401] 1888-04-10  
Death [E5402] 1949-07-13  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father HODGETTS, William [I4688]
Mother GRIFFITHS, Sarah Ann [I4689]
    Sister     HODGETTS, Jemima Locklina [I4690]
    Brother     HODGETTS, Frederick Reginald (Jock) [I4694]
    Brother     HODGETTS, Horace William (Dude) [I4698]
    Brother     HODGETTS, Alexander Thomas (Cobb) [I4728]
    Sister     HODGETTS, Elizabeth Mary [I4827]
    Sister     HODGETTS, Elsie Alice Maude [I4829]
    Brother     HODGETTS, Ernest William (Ben) [I4831]
         HODGETTS, Robert Charles [I4833]
    Sister     HODGETTS, Vera Grace [I4835]
    Brother     HODGETTS, Mervyn James (Jack) [I4837]


    Family of HODGETTS, Robert Charles and FERGERSON, Olive Eliza [F1567]
Unknown Partner FERGERSON, Olive Eliza [I4834]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Family (Primary) [E22411]      
Type Value Notes Sources
_UID B8131CB68EE16E4D9FD5F16EA7A5959F1AA2


Type Value Notes Sources
_UID DC8B1944E36E7F49BC5D94A37D9D0E68BDFD


  1. HODGETTS, William [I4688]
    1. GRIFFITHS, Sarah Ann [I4689]
      1. HODGETTS, Jemima Locklina [I4690]
      2. HODGETTS, Frederick Reginald (Jock) [I4694]
      3. HODGETTS, Horace William (Dude) [I4698]
      4. HODGETTS, Alexander Thomas (Cobb) [I4728]
      5. HODGETTS, Elizabeth Mary [I4827]
      6. HODGETTS, Elsie Alice Maude [I4829]
      7. HODGETTS, Ernest William (Ben) [I4831]
      8. HODGETTS, Robert Charles
        1. FERGERSON, Olive Eliza [I4834]
      9. HODGETTS, Vera Grace [I4835]
      10. HODGETTS, Mervyn James (Jack) [I4837]


Source References

  1. Frank Lee: GEDCOM File : JamesHODGETTS.ged [S0221]
      • Confidence: Low
      • Confidence: Low